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Sean's Fish is a new source for African Cichlids with a goal to offer exotic fish for the novice and master hobbyist.

Buyer Policy, Payment Accepted & Shipping Methods


Shipping Details:

Your fish will be fasted for at least two days before shipping to minimize water pollution inside of the bag. We use Southwest Airlines Air Freight Cargo. Shipping cost is based on the amount of items, total weight, and your location.


Starts at $50 per shipment
Shipment sent via Southwest are sent in the early morning to ensure a daytime pick-up, Its an effective way to ship because fish are can packed in larger bags, with more water.

The shipping charge for your state provides for us to package your fish in the most cost-efficient manner that is still 100% safe and secure for your fish. 

Your order may ship any day with the exception of the following holidays, and the day immediately following each holiday:

You will receive a confirmation email informs you that your order is shipped.  A tracking number will be available in the email.

Introducing Your New Fish to your aquarium.

If your fish do not appear stressed while in the shipping bag, you can float the bag in your pond or tank water for 20-30 minutes before releasing the fish, in order to equalize the water temperature.
If your fish do appear stressed while in the shipping bag, you should forego floating the bag, and instead move on to introducing the fish into your aquarium.  Signs of stress include gasping for air with the mouth above the water, inability to remain upright, and overall lethargy and sluggishness.
When you are ready to introduce the fish to your tank, open the bag,  Fish can be left in the shipping bag temporarily, or the fish and shipping water can be poured into a temporary bucket or container.  DO NOT ADD AQUARIUM WATER TO THE SHIPPING WATER.  This can cause an ammonia spike in the water, and will risk the health of the fish.
DO NOT POUR ALL OF THE FISH INTO YOUR AQUARIUM BEFORE CHECKING THAT EACH FISH IS PRESENT AND ACCOUNTED FOR.  Your fish have just gone through shipping and can be stressed and frightened.  When first added to your aquarium, it is typical for fish to seek out a hiding place and to remain there for a few hours or possibly even days.  Checking that you have each fish present, before adding the fish to your aquarium will help ensure that there is no confusion about supposedly missing fish which may in fact just be hiding and acclimating.
After your fish are added to the aquarium, they may initially display some unusual behavior.  This can include:

Lying down on the bottom of the pond
swimming quickly toward the surface of the water and momentarily poking their mouth above the surface of the water, then darting back down below surface.
All of these are normal behaviors seen as a result of the stress involved in the shipping process.  Provided that your water parameters are correct, this behavior should subside rather quickly. If your fish continue to act unusually for more than an hour, there could be a problem.
Even if none of this unusual behavior is seen in your new fish, it will still take considerable time for them to become completely acclimated with their new surroundings.  Often it can take a number of days, possibly as long as a week, before new fish begin eating. This is normal, and koi have no problems going a few days without food. Once your fish begin to eat, they should be fed periodically, depending on your current water temperature. Check out our fish food and feed the same food we use! 

DOA & Refund Policy

DOA Fish and Refunds
There is always a slight chance that a fish from your order will not be shipped due to health concerns.   In order to ensure our bio-security, as well as on-time delivery of your order, we do not hold orders due to a fish that cannot be shipped. The full purchase price will be refunded for any fish that cannot be shipped.

We guarantee live arrival only as we have no control over the environment of the fish once they reach your home. ​If a fish expires in transit, we will replace the fish, however, you will be responsible for the shipping costs. The replacement fish must be of equal or lesser value than the initial purchase. Shipping costs will not be refunded in whole or in part.

In order to obtain a refund:

You must complete the 2 following tasks for each fish claim within 2 hours of confirmed delivery from carrier or refund is automatically void.

Must take a picture of any and all DOA fish in the bag they arrived in.

Fry raised onsite deals

Fry raised from breeding onsite will be for sale at times from species bred onsite. Stay tuned for specials and at times, stock will be reserved until ready or pickup or shipping. 

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